Monday, April 19, 2010

Working Girls

I started working in the big corporate world at the tender young age of 21. I knew nothing of this world...I worked at a video store while in school and couldn't even commit to a major (hey. I have a lot of interests.) That was a good 10 and a half years ago now and needless to say, I'm old. Ok, kidding. Sort of.

Anyway.....before joining the world of laptops and Robert's Rules of Order, I started working at age 15 in a doctor's office. I was there three years, then moved on to a very short summer stint at my dad's office in the city. I was 18 and very familiar with the city, but wasn't used to wandering around 10th & Mission as the office peon. I grew up that summer, only to revert to being my true age and working in the video store for three years. It was then that I moved into software and project management. Three years into that job, I moved to a different department and lasted just over three years there. After about a year in a different position after that, I landed my current job and have been here just over three years as well.

See a pattern? I'm a three-year-chick. Not sure what that's about but it's definitely a pattern. On the surface, I look like an anomaly - I stayed at the software company for SEVEN years. People around my age typically don't do that, they bounce around - a year here, a year there. I take pride in the fact that I lasted so long there, if only for the stock options and sabbatical.

I really had no story to tell, just that there's a pattern and I wonder if some Googling of this pattern will tell me why I do this. And I believe everything I read on the interweb. I mean, it's all true, right? I'll find out what is up with me and get back to you.

Sorry for the lame post. Night night.

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