Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Did you play slugbug? With three siblings, any time to hit each other in the name of a game was welcomed. Now, when we played, we got to hit each other when we saw a VW bug - just yell out "slugbug yellow!!" hit your opponent (aka brother). These were also pretty much the rules for the license plate game, but that's another story.

The new commercials for VW have everyone hitting each other when they see a VW. This is not the game and it's bugging me (pun intended.)

Open note to VW - please don't mess with the rules of slugbug. If I see a Jetta, I will not punch my friend. If I see a yellow 1967 Beetle, I'll yell "slugbug yellow!" and slug 'em in the arm. Thank you and good day.


Maddog Salamander said...

Thank you. For a moment there I thought that I lived in a vacuum where all sensible people, ones who know the actual rules to "slug bug", had disappeared. In fact, when one of my friends called it "punch bug" many years ago, I berated him for an uncultured pig man. Who said that we could abandon the beauty of rhyming and aliteration?

When these commercials started coming out, I have been throwing fits every time I see them. Does VW not even know the rules to their own game?

At least someone out there "gets it."

Wine Chick said...

I can't believe they are actually airing these! HELLO - I learned the rules to slugbug as a little kid! How can no one at VW know the rules? It still irritates me every time one comes on TV.

And "punch bug"??? I'm glad you berated him (then I hope you saw an ACTUAL slugbug and actually slugged him :))

Maddog Salamander said...

I did "slug" him. He had the nerve to ask "what does slug mean, anyways?"

Oh...he knows now. He will always know...