Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods and the Great Chase

What do Tigers dream of, when they take a little Tiger snooze? I believe they dream of cheating on their wives and not getting caught.

Too bad Tiger's gig is up - he is sorry he got caught, not sorry it happened. If he were truly sorry, truly felt guilt and remorse for what he had done, truly loved his wife and wants her in his life, he would have kept his pants on. I have no respect for this man or anyone else who cheats. You can deny it all you want, you can pretend it didn't happen, you can release a 13-minute public apology that your PR team wrote and you repeated with no emotion or any heartfelt words but you're still a cheater. Cheaters are despicable people who deserve all the bad karma they get.

Thank you and good day.


Mary Bogue said...

When I was walking the SAG picket lines years ago, Tiger cheated on all of us in the Screen Actors Guild and fled to Canada to make a commercial. As far as I'm concerned, he cheated on us then. And for the record, I have never forgotten how it felt to be steadfast and steely in resolve, only to have Mr. Woods give us the big, one-fingered salute.

Wine Chick said...

Thank you for commenting and sharing your anecdote...I never had a feeling about the guy either way until now...and even moreso now that you've let me in on a little more insight. Selfish all around, huh?

PS - Loving your blog!!