Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guy Friends & The Friend Zone

I was just thinking about my past (an old friend resurfacing on Facespace will do that to a person), about friends, about boyfriends, about how things used to be. My core group of friends in college and soon thereafter was pretty evenly split guys to girls. Most of my guy friends are married or have someone special in their lives now, so I don't see them much. Back when we were young and crazy, I took that for granted. I miss having guy friends in my life and hope to meet some here and there to build that back up. I didn't even remember missing it until S and I hung out with a group of guys in Cabo and watched was a nice dynamic.

Anyway....Have you ever wondered what The Friend Zone is? Oh, well hello, it's me. Yep, my life. Thanks to Ross from Friends, it has an official name, and I'm pretty much living it. I don't like The Friend Zone. I want out. It's my own personal Twilight Zone where every guy thinks I'm fun and we hang out, but nothing ever progresses past that. Not that I want to date every guy I hang out with but with over 15 years of being in The Friend Zone, it's getting a tad old. I guess I need to figure out what vibe it is I'm putting out there that makes people just want to be my friend. I like having friends, don't get me wrong, but I'd also really like having someone cross over into Relationshipland with me.

There's my self-pity post for the month. I can't guarantee there won't be another. February isn't a happy's dark, dreary, and has a stupid Hallmark holiday smack in the middle.

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