Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Weekend

A bunch of us headed to Amador County this past weekend to wine taste and hang out. On the way up, we stopped at Sam's Club to get food for the weekend and, shocking to me, I was under budget AND we ended up with way more food than we needed! Anyone want to eat bacon with me (for like 8 meals...)? After Sam's Club, we stopped at Pizza Guys for dinner off of Pitt School Road which I think is in Dixon. NOT impressed. Cramped, obnoxious kids running around like short crazy people, not memorable pizza at all. I'll go back when I'm 8 years old and have fists full of tokens.

The drive up was pretty hairy - it was pouring down rain. M and I arrived at the house, the dark house, I might add, right when the thunder and lightning started. To say we were freaked out would be an understatement. The house is HUGE, some people say it's haunted (I'm one of those people), and it was just two of us for a while. Creep.y. Within 2 hours, N&D&T&M&Q&C showed up and it wasn't as bad....power hour started and we were fine. Loud music also helped. Saturday kicked off with a family style down home breakfast (I want roommates!) then we headed out for wine tasting.

The only winery I was really impressed with was Rundquist - I really liked everything on their list. Young's - not impressed. Snobville. I even wrote a negative review on Yelp about them - unfortunate. Catchphrase is my new favorite game...I can't even explain how hard we were laughing. I can't wait to play it again! I'm thinking MAJOR game night at my house is in order soon. Sunday morning was a big family breakfast, then we all parted ways.

I had such an awesome weekend and though we heard no ghosts, and nothing out of the ordinary or random or insane happened, it's a weekend worth writing about.


Virginia said...

This sounds like a great weekend! Is this house a rental house?

Wine Chick said...

It was a great weekend! Not a rental...we know the owners. Great place to go tasting though if you haven't been yet - tons of Italian varietals...Barbera...mmmm. Thanks for visiting my blog!