Monday, February 8, 2010


This past weekend was nice - mellow, saw a lot of people, and still managed to be quite the procrastinator. My talents in this field are quite amazing really. I can be home almost all weekend and still not get anything done. It's incredible.

I just got back from running a few errands, including buying a chair I don't need. You see, it matches one I already have so I couldn't pass it up. This being the week I get my new, very adult, never-been-sat-on-before-by-anyone-else couch set, I decided to buy yet another chair. I have a problem. After the chair-buying incident, I went to Target to get much needed toiletries for my quick trip to LA this week. After spending half of what I usually do on a Target trip ($25!) I headed home, only to look down as I'm unloading the car and see that my shirt has become unbuttoned in the most embarrassing way possible. The two in the middle, wide open like the parting of the Red Sea. Really? Really. Did I walk around Target like that and not one person told me? I can only hope that my shirt opened when I was taking the chair out of my car and not any earlier. Stupid adorable chair.

Happy Monday.

PS - This is the hilarious set up at my house right now.

As you can see, it's just me, my lone foldy chair (it's also a twin bed!) and my itty bitty side table. Thursday can't come fast enough.

PPS - See that chair in the background on the right? So cute, right? Yeah, now there's two.

PPPS - Why did I eat the whole box of mac n cheese? Why?

PPPPS - See the Rockband drums? They're lonely.

PPPPPS - My floors look quite pretty in this photo. They're really not that nice. Maybe I should make iPhone glasses where everything looks grainy and better. Like rose-colored glasses but funnier.

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