Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend

Today marks the almost-end of the awesomeness that was The Hangover weekend. A few of us are left, watching Four Christmases. Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than Chex Mix, overindulging on a massive Black Bear breakfast and another holiday movie (so far we've watched Elf, A Christmas Story, and two viewings of The Hangover. It's been a good 24 hours.)

Last night we saw all the best Christmas lights in Napa, watching as others slowed and adored the lights as much as we did. There was just one tool bag sighting, not bad for a Saturday night.

Time to get back to the movie, funny conversation and wrapping up a lovely, lazy Sunday.

PS - As a photographer, it really bothers me when people find images on the interweb and proceed to use them just because. At least give props to the person that took the photo or buy one from a stock house. Thank you for listening to my photography PSA.

PPS - For some reason, I have "fat guuuuuy in a littttllle cooooaaat" stuck in my head, alongside the most obnoxious song ever - Party in the USA by Miley "I'm annoying" Cyrus.

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