Friday, December 4, 2009

I Knew There Was a Term for It...

I'm sitting here, procrastinating, scrolling through the channels, landing on Dr. Phil. They're talking about the 20-something generation, the one that's entitled and self-absorbed. How funny. I knew there was a name for it - Generation Me. More books for me to read!

I'm friends with 20-somethings and none of those people are like that. I've also come into contact with more 20-somethings than I can count who are exactly as described - self-absorbed, have this ridiculous sense of entitlement, yet can't make it on their own. They think they're above everyone else, they're better than what they're doing, yet they can't make ends meet and expect someone to pick up the slack. Sickening.

I've since changed the channel. I can't bring myself to watch an hour-long TV show about these people. People who can't own up to their shortcomings, who can't be real about their flaws. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to be famous and rich and successful. My issue is that this Generation Me expects all of that to be handed to them. I wish I could have parented each of these brats. Things might be different.

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