Friday, December 18, 2009

The Hangover Weekend Is Here!

In other news, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow. My girlsies are coming over for what has turned into a slumber party (no, we will not have a pillow fight), the highlights being:
--Decorating my little baby tree while listening to Christmas music, watching Elf/A Christmas Story/Christmas Vacation and sipping adult hot chocolates
--Driving around Napa to see all the holiday lights (I even got a map off the Register's website!)
--Coming back for the showcase of the night - THE HANGOVER
--Laughing and telling stories all night long

Yay weekends!

PS - It's only one week till Time flies when you' it.
PPS - Stop copying me. Thanks.
PPPS - Will I be in the holiday mood when I get a tree? I hope so.

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