Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. I played Rockband last night with THEUNITARD for 4.5+ hours. Yeah that's right. Not only are we behaving like 13 year olds (my texts were also over my maximum this month....13 going on 32 anyone?) my carpal tunnel in my right wrist is flaring, my ankle hurts and my voice is scratchy. Getting too old for video games? I think not. I'm just warming up.

2. I can see a shift in how people act. People are going back to traditional roots not in the traditional sense (ha) but an evolved version of tradition. Homemade gifts, time spent with each other instead of lavish shopping trips, "green" efforts, a turn to the simpler life. Granted, life isn't simple - texts, IMs, emails, voicemails, all at your fingertips, your fingertips itching to go go go. Here and there though, touches of an easier time and a from-the-heart way of living are starting to shine through. This all makes me happy. It makes me realize that my parents were right all along (about a lot of things anyway) and that their standards and values are true and solid. Thanks, ma and pa. I appreciate the insight even though I was blind to it most of my life.

UPDATE: I would like to amend my post here a little. I took my parents out for Thai tonight and though sometimes people behave like civilized adults who respect their dinner companion(s), most of the time they don't. Since when is it acceptable to check your phone during your meal, while your dinner companion is sitting there, staring at their pad thai? It's just so rude. Give people your full attention. It's courteous, considerate, and just plain nice. Manners! Manners! Where are you?? 

3. I saw an interesting article today about how Facebook privacy and other privacy issues on this here interweb are going to turn our society into an eery replication of 1984. I have one simple statement for that thought....if you don't want your privacy invaded, if you want your photos and your affiliations and your interests kept secret from the world, your employer, your ex, your classmates, your family, DON'T PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE INERNET. It's really that simple. I obviously don't care. I only let people see what I want them to see anyway.

4. I love the color Kelly Green. I used to hate it now I like it. Similar to my relationship with red bell peppers.

5. Why is work coffee so bad? Is there a rule about that in some corporate law book?

6. Happy almost 2010! I may not write again until Sunday, so have a fun and laughter-filled New Year's Eve, make sure you countdown even if you're alone, and enjoy your first days of the new year!

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