Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Things I learned this Christmas...
1. Handmade gifts are THE BEST. We've vowed to do that next year. I hope we can also squeeze in a Secret Santa - that's just hilarious.
2. My family is extremely talented. It amazes me every year.
3. Ping pong ball gun fights are super fun. Until one hits the TV. Game over.

4. Homemade chili after 5pm church service is perfect.
5. Staying awake for midnight mass gets more and more difficult as I get older.
6. My brothers in their suits is a very nice thing. And it makes my mom very happy.
7. My mom loves Wii bowling. It's awesome.
8. Rockband is so. fun. I need roommates just to sit around and play that. I need to earn good songs!
9. I still love apple crisp.

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