Monday, August 17, 2009

Tahoe Baby Tahoe

This past weekend, we celebrated two birthdays in the lovely town of South Lake Tahoe. Now, I know it seems like we always go there...oh wait, we always do. Everything we love to do is all in one place - why wouldn't we keep going?? Casinos, dancing, fresh air, pool time, good food - we did it all. My favorite place we ate was Rosies in North Shore (we took a little trip up North) - great food, great ambiance, great location!

In other news, my family went up to Reno last weekend for Hot August Nights. I forgot how much I love that event!! When I grow up, I want at least 2 hot rods/classic cars of some sort. I'll have to start a fund now because I ain't gettin' younger. This trip was especially awesome because my whole family was there! My parents had gone up for 4 days and my brothers and I all drove up together. It was cool to hang out with them as peers and not as "little" brothers. My brothers haven't been "little" for quite some time.

To go on a slight tangent...I'm looking for a food photography seminar/workshop/class/conference - anything! I'm a very good Googler and I can't find a thing. I'll keep searching...

As a last comment...I promise to post more often. Really.

PS - It sounds like there is a bear eating an apple in my backyard. Creepy.

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