Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since I don't get A&E anymore, which means no Intervention, I have now become obsessed with a show on TLC of people who are obsessed. Wow. This one is about plastic surgery...what do these people see when they look in the mirror?? They don't see what everyone else sees. Are they vain? Is it just a body image disorder, like what leads to anorexia or bulimia? I just don't understand how people can go under the knife with all of the risks and potential complications.

This one guy has had 50 different things done, spending $500k at least, he said. He looks creepy. CREEPY. I wish someone would shake him and tell him to stop. This chick went to Tijuana to get her boob job, stating that she thought they would do a better job than anyone in the US. Turns out, they did a very, very bad job. Shocking, huh. Well, I'm not sure why I'm watching this, I think it may be time to break my addiction. K, that's all.

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