Sunday, August 23, 2009

Faith in Humanity

This is an open letter to the two chicks I met this morning who restored my faith in humanity.

Dear Two Chicks,

This morning, I headed up to IKEA to buy stuff. Mostly stuff I don't need but that's neither here nor there. After debating over curtains and perusing through the As-Is section, I took my wares and headed to my soccer mom ride. Pulling things out of the cart, I grabbed some green leaf thingies and proceeded to knock my wok, and heard someone go "ooohhh." I turned just as two glass serving bowls crashed to the hot IKEA parking lot. Shattered, to be more precise. The next to me stared. His kid stared. The people who just parked and were walking towards IKEA stared. The couple driving the Mini out of the lot stared. Not one person offered to help.

I just continued to unpack the cart, knowing there was nothing I could do about the shards of glass all over until the cart was empty anyway. I was so mad at myself - sixteen bucks down the drain. My cart was finally empty (I spent a fortune) and I got a plastic bag out, and started picking up the big pieces. I then considered going back in for a $2 baby broom and dustpan set to pick up the rest. Just as I contemplated the best way to pick up all that glass, you got out of your car and one of you yelled over to me: "Do you need a broom?" I answered, surprised, "Do you have one?" You walked over, broom & dustpan in hand, and swept up all of the glass for me as I held the bag. Just when I thought that everyone sucked, that everyone these days is self-centered and rude, there you were, broom in hand, offering to help.

Thank you for that. I appreciate that small token of kindness you extended to me. I appreciate the 5 minutes you took out of your day to help me when no one else would. It may seem insignificant to you and probably to most who are reading this, but I needed that today. Thank you.

PS - this is my 200th post. Cool.


Jennifer said...

love it - we need more random acts of kindness like that!

Wine Chick said...

I agree! I'm going to make sure I pay it forward.