Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Dating Stories. Awesome.

I'm having sort of a bad day, but reading Kayla Aimee's bad date blog entry made it so much better. I love rehashing my own bad dates in my brain...makes me realize how crazy people are and how I seem to like it. Just for the story aspect, of course. My worst date ever, published here in my little ol' blog, is also here, at Divine Caroline. I really need to get a start on that book before I forget all those dates!

I do feel sorry for chicks like me, who are pretty much normal, who end up on bad, bad dates. Ultimately, they're pretty funny, though remember I'm laughing WITH you and not AT you. Hopefully most of these stories happened long enough ago that you can laugh with me too.

Cheers, ladies! We've made it this far, some ended up with good guys, some are still looking. I believe I'll find one, and if I have to suffer through more bad dates to find him, then so be it. Actually, bring it on. I'm ready!

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