Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Singin in the Car

I tend to look at people in their cars when I'm driving. I can't help it. I like to see what type of person drives what type of car. Did I expect that combination? Are they doing anything funny? Are they cute? You know, all the interesting things about strangers.

Ever since I started driving to the new office, I've seen a lot more people singing in their cars. It's probably because I drive more slowly now and am on roads with oncoming traffic. It's fun. Last Friday, I saw a dude in a big ol' white cowboy hat, in a Ford F250, singing his HEART OUT to some country song he had blasting. It was hilarious! I watched him in my rearview mirror all the way down Soscol and at a very long red light. He was in his own world, rockin out to his favorite country song. Today I saw a kid in his early 20s probably, wife beater, beat up white truck JAMMIN' to some rock song. I love how carefree singing in the car make me feel, and I can only assume everyone feels this way. My current research is supporting this statement.

Sing in the car on the way to work tomorrow. It feels good. Rock on.

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