Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nerd Alert Nerd Alert

With the help of this smart dude (chick?), I have gotten my Samsung phone to talk to my computer via Bluetooth and move all of my contacts off of my phone and onto my computer. Now, hopefully, when I get home, I can take the zip file of contacts, unzip them on my Mac, upload them into my address book, push to MobileMe, and on Friday, when I get the iPhone, it'll all sync up and I shouldn't have lost a thing.

Cross your fingers for me - I'm in way over my geeky head.

Cheers to people helping people!

PS - I warned you with the title of this post. It is SUPER NERDY.

UPDATE: I just imported my vcards from my super duper cool Bluetool transfer to Address Book on the Mac...Took about .654 seconds and BAM....they're all there!!! Now, by Friday, I'll know if my mad computer skills paid off....the true test. iPhone day.

UPDATE 2: I forgot to update the iPhone on Friday and connected my Mac address book to my iPhizzle and BAM (again)....contacts loaded. AWESOME.


geoff said...

Awesome! I'm glad my little tutorial helped, and thanks for spreading the love. Every time someone reports success using this, my heart grows. Which is, come to think of it, a little dangerous. Enlarged hearts are, I mean. Right?

But I digress. So glad to hear this worked for you!

Wine Chick said...

Thanks for hitting me back, Geoff! I did a little dance at work when everything went smoothly! I cannot wait to get the iPhone to sync up tomorrow...I feel like you helped me punk the system! Thanks again :-)