Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Hump Day

It's Wednesday - the tipping point between last weekend and this weekend. I try not to live for weekends, but sometimes I can't help it. Especially when the coming weekend is a FOUR DAY weekend! WOOWOO! Thank you for becoming independent, USofA, I appreciate the day off.

Friday is iPhone day...I'm still not super excited but I think that's mostly because of AT&T. They suck and though I swore I'd never return to that fateful company, here I am, handing over a boatload of cash. Oh well, what's two years of my life? Ultimately, I think the iPhone will be great for me...great for organizational purposes and my business. I'm defintiely looking forward to downloading the most random apps I can app(lication) about app(etizer)s would be AWESOME. I'll have to see if that exists. If not, I'll make one and become the richest person on the planet. Muuuwaaahhaaahaahaaaaaaa.

Saturday, we're celebrating the 4th in Sonoma Square - my old stomping grounds! I'm looking forward to being outside and they have killer fireworks.

I have finally convinced K to do maternity shots on Sunday... can't wait to capture this exciting time in her life!! We'll have so much fun!

Sunday and Monday are clean-my-house-work-on-projects days. It's been SO long since I've tended to anything at my this point I'd rather live in Motel 6. Oh, excuse' moi, Chateau Seis. At least they leave the light on for you.

Cheers to long weekends!

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