Monday, April 20, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

This past Friday, my friend from college, ABB, got married in the East Bay. Gorgeous venue, great food, pretty everything. They even had a photo booth!! (Photos to be posted shortly) This was the first wedding where they played some sort of ice-breaker type of game which was extraordinarily entertaining! First the DJ tells us that if we pass a dollar bill around the table during the music, whoever ends up with the dollar gets the flowers out of the centerpiece. We pass. And pass. And pass. KMNK's hubby gets it, but then the DJ throws in a twist - whoever is holding the dollar has to get up and dance around the table. So there he went, dancing around our table. He stops behind me when the music stops. Now I have to get up and dance around the table. It was awesome looking around the room seeing people dancing around fancy dinner tables. I stop behind KMNK, thinking, yay - she gets the flowers! Um no. She now has to play musical chairs on the dancefloor! That pregnant friend of mine (or as we called her that night, El Preggor) danced her little booty around those chairs, butt-bumping grandmas and uncles galore. It came down to El Preggor and Uncle Tom (or something) and as Kung Fu Fighting stopped, El Preggor landed her backside in that chair, winning all dollar bills from all tables. It was extremely entertaining and will be on You Tube soon.

Saturday consisted of cooking (yes, I cooked) and cleaning (yes, I cleaned) for poker night. The girls came over around 7pm and we had BBQ chicken, creamy polenta, and my spiffy citrus salad (#13 on The List). We finally got to poker around 9:30pm and played till about 11:30. Another late night was had.

Sunday, Z and I headed to the city for a Giants game. ABB's dad got us tickets to the game so we were with a lot of the people from the wedding. So fun. So HOT. I don't think I've ever sweated that much in San Francisco. Ever. It was melt-your-kicks, get-me-another-beer, so-glad-I-wore-a-dark-shirt-so-you-can't-see-my-sweaty-back hot. Since Z and I didn't want to waste a warm day in the city, we randomly decided on our drive out of town to stop at the Cable Car Musem (#17 on The List) which was so so cool. Thanks to my dad for telling me to add that one! We saw the home of all 4 cable car lines. SO cool. We then decided to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (#16 on The List) - Z had never done that! It was unbelivably warm still - how often do you see people on the bridge in a tank rocked.

All in all, a killer weekend! Too bad I can barely keep my eyes open and want to go to Marine World. Too bad I have to earn the money for a $30 ticket to ride rollercoasters. Doesn't it sound awesome though?

Cheers :)

PS - I no longer have cable. Lame.


Dave said...

sounds like you're almost getting more to-do's crossed off your list in the past few weeks than in most of the past year.

M said...

I'm a professional procrastinator. I should really get business cards.