Thursday, April 9, 2009

Millennials...and Wine.

I have a blog devoted to wine, which, honestly, for how much wine I taste, I should keep that blog waaaay more updated, but anyway.... Because I have that blog, I should probably post this there instead of here...but that's why the interweb created hyperlinks.

I just read this article in the Press Democrat: (I'm "WineChick" in the comments.) I generally like the PressDem because they have comprehensive stories, a lot of extras and they're on top of it. This article is interesting and touches on a very important piece of the wine business: millennials. Being at the top end of this generation (most report the born on date is 1977-1994), I think that this is such an interesting and relevant subject.

As wine marketers, winery owners, and field sales, we have to understand this generation completely. We need to do what they do, attend what they attend, and accept that they are unlike any other wine consumer. Old school tendencies like sticking with one brand and one brand alone and lower price points don't cut it with these wine lovers. They like adventure and teasers, cult wines and value. By value I don't mean bargain basement wines, I mean a stellar wine for a reasonable price.

We can't ignore this consumer, they are coming fast and furiously, and they. like. wine. A lot. They like new, they like different, and they like to be surprised. They follow wineries on Twitter, Facebook, and the next social media outlet that comes along. They'll download your app for their iPhone and will expect the most out of it. They want you to hook them and reel them in, they'll recommend you to everyone they know, then they'll find the next best thing. Get in with these guys and word spreads like wildfire. Getting in with them may be trickier but it's being done all over the place. Keep at 'em.


Josh Groth said...

As a wine enthusiast and a Millennial, I whole-heatedly agree with this.

If wine makers want to capture market share with Gen Y, they need to start doing something about it.

Wine Chick said...

Absolutely! There are sooo many ways to capture the wine-loving hearts of this generation. One great step is to have members of this generation immerse themselves in the trends and lure more Millennial consumers. We're on the right track - thank you for your comment.