Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Countdown

For some reason, this birthday is looming more than my 30th. Is it because I'm now officially in my 30s? Is it because this isn't where I expected I'd be? Is it because life is flying by and I can't help but wonder where it went? Hmmm.....

In my old age, I keep thinking about what I've done, what I haven't done, how I've lived, and who's impacted my life. With Z here for the past few days and the hours and hours of conversation with him, with the wedding on Friday and seeing my friends of 10+ years (!), I guess I'm feeling somewhat reflective. Cheesy, I know. Please feel free to make fun.

I think I've lived well, though I know that not everything I've done is honorable. Now that I've grown up somewhat, I take pride in how I treat others, and I thank my parents for raising me right. I'll never understand those who take advantage of people, those who are rude for no reason, and those who are self-centered. I'd rather be friends with people until they give me a reason not to be than the other way around. 

Ok, I'm done. Proceed with the mockery.

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