Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Week...

I don't have too much to say....pretty burned out from the past week. My garage was a garage sale. I made like $200 which when all is said and done is not. enough. for. all. the. work. Then again, it's $200 I didn't have last week and it cleared out the house a little, so I guess it's ok. The best part was hanging out with my family and friends! Everyone was right - garage sale people are weird.

Z came into town late on Saturday and ended up staying for a while. We did random stuff which was super fun. While he was here, we went to one winery (I swear it'll be better next time, Z), I tasted 4 Baskin Robbins flavors (butter pecan, jamocha, cookie dough, and pistachio), had a fancy dinner at Go Fish and watched Superbad (FINALLY). It rocked.

My birthday is in 6 days. Six. Days. Wow. In regards to The List, I have 27 more flavors of ice cream to eat and I should probably make waffles at least once more. The rest will just have to roll over to next year (year 32, that is.) They're perfectly good List items, there's no reason I can't use them next year.

The past two days were spent in my personal hell - a public speaking class at work. Yes, I just did this in January. This course was different, but the requirements were pretty much the same - speak and they will film you. It's just lovely. I now know that my cute jeans aren't that cute and my flattering blue tunic is super unflattering. My hair is awkward and my arms do this weird floppy thing when the left decides that it's ok to relax and not mimic Bob Dole. I'm usually quite animated in real life and when I speak on camera, I am as boring as Toby from The Office. It's weird. As you can tell, I had an awesome time doing this. Oh well, it'll make me a better, more well-rounded person, right? Oh ya know what else would make me more well-rounded? Finishing my list. That's also a tad bit more fun.

Cheers to a random and awesome week (exceptforThursdayandFriday).


Ted said...

Dude, I did that Speakeasy thing too. It was like being stuck in a nightmare.

And I still suck at it.

And I still don't know what to do with my arms either.

Wine Chick said...

Just let 'em flail. They have a mind of their own anyway.