Monday, April 6, 2009


I love getting emails. It's a bit like getting non-junk-mail in your mailbox. Remember those days? We don't get much of that, though part of my 31 List is to send more! I especially like getting emails from my mom. She writes them as if she were writing a letter which I love. I, on the other hand, write them how I speak.

Mom example: my mom starts them off with "Dear XXXX," and ends with "Love, Mom" - I heart it.

Mine: "sup dudes, whatchya wanna do this weekend? I know it's only Monday but I can't wait for the weekend!" - no intro, no close, and if you're lucky, I'll remember to sign an "M"

Cheers to my mom finally using email - though now I miss her letters! - and to her emails!

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