Sunday, July 3, 2011

Solo Road Trip Day 3: South Lake Tahoe

Not even 11am and I've already done so much! Breakfast and driving range! It's only 72 degrees and it feels like 95. Thin air? I'm sweatin' up a storm. TMI, I know. Now for a little stream of consciousness...I'm sitting outside Starbucks, stealing their internet because my lovely motel's internet is terrible. I went out last night and it was weird. I had a hard time with it and I hope this rollin' solo thing gets easier. Today my plan is to eat at restaurant bars so I have a better chance of talking to people. I'm not sure what to do today - I'm thinking get some books and post it on the beach. Not sure yet though.

Here are some photos from yesterday (Starbucks, tunnel, brewski) and today (golf):

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