Friday, July 1, 2011

Solo Road Trip - Day 1: Tahoe

I have arrived at destination #1: South Lake Tahoe. I'm having a hard time separating from work so instead of pressuring myself to "get out 'n shoot" I'm takin it easy in my (not) sweet motel room with That 70s Show as my companion. It's gorgeous up here: 78 degrees! When I get some Internet, I'll post photos too.

Some things I thought/noticed on the drive:
1. If I hear that Adelle song one more time, I'll flip out.
2. I counted about 278 coolers in cars on I80.
3. I will be drinking a lot of Starbucks on this trip.
4. All photos taken on this trip count, including phone pics.
5. I may get a book on my phone to listen to. Weird.
6. I'm really tired and have no motivation to do anything. Today has been declared a wash and I will continue to be lazy & slightly boring.

More Photos...

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