Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Red Bridge...

When I was a kid, we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge on the 50th anniversary of its opening. Today, an article was published on SFGate: The Golden Gate Bridge turns 72 today! 72?? Really?? How the heck did that happen? That was 22 years ago! I was NINE.

When I walked across the bridge that day, I remember my brother B was in a stroller. He was 2. He's no longer that little kid with the chubby cheeks and white blonde curls. I remember hearing soon after that the bridge actually flattened a little from the weight of that many people. Flattened! I still think about that to this day when I drive over the bridge. 

I am so happy that my parents took us on this journey. I think about it all the time and am stoked that I was able to recently walk across the bridge again on one of the hottest days I've ever experienced in the city. Sometimes it's pretty sweet to live here.

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