Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost 31.

I'm having somewhat of a third-life crisis (sidenote: if I live to be 90+ I'll be stoked.) Ya know when a guy (or gal I guess) has been married for a long time, has the kids, the job, the house...they get into what they feel like is a rut and buy a new sports car, usually a Corvette. This is how I feel right now in a rut. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe because none of the "big stuff" has happened, or even really has the potential of happening any time soon.

Should I buy a Corvette? No. I shouldn't. I need to get over myself and stop brooding. I'm lucky to have such awesome friends to make me laugh like nothing else. I love how we can be ourselves and be dorky and fun and funny and random and spontaneous and planners and adventurers. We don't take ourselves too seriously and that is my number 1 favorite thing. I'm lucky to have such an awesome family too. My brothers are dudes who have found jobs they love, girlfriends that I like (because as we know this is super important), and friends that are actually cool. They're not my little brothers anymore but my tall, skinny brothers who are adults. (Yeah, it's weird.) My parents are a cool couple I've realized this week - they go on cool trips and do interesting things all the time. They're thoughtful and helpful and considerate. My mom likes to shop and my dad is so extremely handy it rocks.

Sooooo I'm turning 31. THIRTY-ONE. Tomorrow. Wow. I hope the next year is as busy and fun as the last!

Cheers to the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday!

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