Thursday, May 7, 2009

The List.

The List ends today. Like I said 328193810 times already, I didn't do very well, though I kicked it up a notch over the past few weeks.

Since today is my 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday, I thought I'd wrap up the list and explain it. If you're willing to read on, please do, I may say something funny.

1. Learn to make Belgian waffles like my dad's So I learned how to make waffles, but I have yet to practice on anyone. Practice makes perfect on these puppies! I took copious notes, so I'll be making these for someone soon! Volunteers?
2. Visit Gabe & Jen in NY (post May 7 but make the plans!)
Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip back east for lame financial reasons. If I can swing it, I'll be out there later in the summer to bet on some ponies and hang out on a warm beach with warm water!
3. Visit Morgan & Bobby in Martha's Vineyard (post May 7 but make the plans!) Ditto to the above!
4. Run the Maui marathon - TRAIN for an end-of-'09 marathon
Knowing me, I can't commit to anything...especially not a marathon that I'd have to train for on my own. Instead, I signed up for the Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Dec. Now if I could just start running...
5. Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins - Yeah, I only got through 4. Not sure what happened on this! I heart ice cream and it should have been an easy one. I suck. Well, cheers to pistachio, jamocha, cookie dough and butter pecan.
6. Take a picnic to the beach - Yep, another one I never got around to...and I. Love. The. Beach. It's still on my list for this coming year.
7. Tahoe trip Yo check it. Headed up to Tahoe this past weekend. It was awesome.
8. Put $10 on 31 and hope for the best Put my money on 31, didn't win, but won on every other number I put it on! Came home $50 richer.
9. Rita's for karaoke - A little late, but we're going tomorrow!
10. Play a practical joke on a friend - Couldn't think of anything...have a whole year to think now....muuuwaaahhaahaaaaa
11. Drive east and shoot the whole way - Again with an easy one - looking forward to doing this one soon.
12. Visit Half Moon Bay - Oh come on now. I couldn't get to Half Moon Bay? Really?
13. Host a dinner party Check! Hosted Poker Night and cooked a rather good dinner for the girls.
14. Volunteer for a day - Yep, just selfish I guess.
15. Shoot a gun Added after the fact, but man it was a good one to have on The List. Still scary and not sure if I'll ever do that again.
16. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge Did it, and it was awesome. Kinda far.
17. Visit the Cable Car Museum WAY cooler than I expected - the heart of the cable system. Local peeps have to check that out!
18. Learn 3 all-purpose jokes What does a one-legged ballerina wear? A one-one. What does a Scottish guy have in common with the Rolling Stones? The Rolling Stones say Hey You, get off my cloud and the Scottish guy says Hey McCloud, get off my ewe. What are the two dirtiest animals on the farm? Brown chicken brown cooooow.
19. Go on a date with someone over 40 (uhhh) and someone under 30 (again.) I backtracked in life and used the horrible horrible speed dating-in-a-community-center for my over 40 and the most recent speed dating for my under 30. The kid was 22. Ugh.
20. Take another swing dance lesson - Have to do this! I love it! (don't lead, don't lead)
21. Find a kickboxing class I love - same as above - have to do it! Hiiiiii-YAH.
22. Pay cash for 5 purchases over $30I didn't like this one.
23. See Citizen Kane - Still never seen it. Will have to Netflix that bad boy.
24. Master the art of the bloody mary I had one today - it counts.
25. Shoot at least 25 photos per weekCheck! It helps when the fancy new camera arrives.
26. Discover a new band I'm counting the awesome lounge band from Tahoe on this one. I didn't discover them per clue what their name was. They were cool - someone yelled Free Bird and they actually played it. Rock on.
27. Hike to the top of Mt. Tam - Given that I grew up in Marin, this should be a given, but alas, I'm THAT guy. Someday...
28. See the sunrise & sunset in the same day. Check! It was fun.
29. Go gokarting I have a need for speed.
30. Mail notes to friends/family more often. I LOVED this one and plan to do it way more.
31.Turn 31.
Check. I'm old, yo.

Cheers to my new List! Send me ideas!


Dave said...

you are always so lucky with the roulette. you and ngoc. she loves that shiz now.

Wine Chick said...

Gambling is fun. Let's go to reno :)