Sunday, May 3, 2009

Countdown Continues

How can a weekend fly by yet yesterday morning feel like it was ages ago? That is this weekend. M and I met up on a gloomy and miserable Saturday morning for a cup of coffee and decided to leave for Tahoe at 3 that afternoon. It. Rocked. I love random trips, especially ones to Tahoe and ones that allow me to scratch off #7 & #8 on The List! 

It was rainy. Very, very rainy. M hadn't been to Tahoe yet and unfortunately the fog-rain-clouds-mist-snow kept her from seeing the stunning mountains and most of the lake. There was still a ton of snow up there - not enough to ski on but enough to make what we could see of the mountains even more beautiful. I absolutely LOVE Tahoe. I love the way it smells, the gorgeous landscape, the people, the places, the random encounters, the funny stories, everything. This trip didn't disappoint. 

We did the typical one-night-Tahoe-trip. Headed straight to South Lake, with a stop at Ross along the way (I really need jeans), then found a motel closest to Stateline, and checked in. Got ready, had some EmergenC (that stuff is dis.gus.ting.), listened to fun music, then walked into Nevada to Harvey's. May is hit or miss - it's off season so the motel rates are low but sometimes there aren't people there either. This weekend though, Sammy Hagar was playing, so Tahoe was crazy. Cabo Wabo was nuts, so we stayed at the lounge band in Harrah's most of the time. Then of course, a weekend in Tahoe wouldn't be complete without some dancing. Headed into Vex when the line disappeared and danced the night away. It was awesome.

Today, we lazily made our way home, stopping for food & gas & the Verizon store. Right now, I wish I had cable. I'm posted on my couch with nothing to watch but my beloved Hulu and Netflix. It'll get me through.

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