Friday, February 20, 2009

Feelings.....Not So Many...Feeeeeelingss....

Last night, Wenis and I attended the Napa Chamber of Commerce mixer at Black Stallion winery. The winery itself was gorgeous - it's pretty new, so I expected it to be pretty - and Wenis said the Syrah was good. I wish my house looked like that....

We met some very cool people, and saw a couple I wasn't too excited to see. The night was good - $20 good? Um, maybe not - but it's good for me to get out there and meet new people.

A note about my feelings on seeing people I didn't want to see - I feel nothing. I didn't overreact, I didn't get overly nervous, I didn't turn beet red, I didn't care. This is an incredible feeling - this not caring thing. I have my life, it revolves around me and my friends and my family and my experiences, and it does not involve those people. They do not have the stronghold they had yesterday, last month, last year. They are nothing to me and it feels awesome.

Cheers to realizing what I already knew but didn't see!

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