Saturday, February 21, 2009


As I stand here in my empty condo in Sonoma, I feel the need to vent about how annoying and flakey Craigslist people are. Don't tell me you're looking forward to seeing the apartment ("see you Saturday!") then not show up. I have a life too, ya know. I don't exactly LOVE standing in the kitchen of a condo I can't sell or even seem to rent. I have no chair, no music, no luxuries of home, but I am stealing someone's internet and that's cool.

Overall, I tout the awesomeness that is Craigslist....I have purchased my sectional, TV cabinet, cool shelves, bookcases, loveseat, gas dryer, coffee table, night stand, patio furniture, and bed all on Craigslist. I found an apartment when I lived in the city and my pervious car. I've sold a bunch of furniture, including my couch set and a secretary desk.

That said, WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH FLAKES?!? Why oh why do they hide behind the interweb and say one thing and do another? If you see my ad, you email me, we have correspondence, you have my email address and phone number...just let me know you aren't coming. I don't care why, I just don't want to waste gas and time coming over here if I don't have to!

Ok that's all. It's not you, Craigslist, it's your users.

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