Tuesday, November 18, 2008

31 Things to Do Before I Turn 31

Thanks to Jessica, a new friend from the Wine Blogger Conference, for the coolest idea. I am putting a call out to you, my faithful readers, all 3 of you, to help me compile a list of 31 things to do before I turn 31.

I haven't given it enough thought, but I'd better get on it as I only have 170 days to finish all of these things, whatever they may be.

One thing that had originally been on my list was take a random lesson at the JC, which I have already done, so it doesn't count. I guess I can always do another one...

I'll start, you send me ideas...

1. Learn how to make Belgian waffles like my dad's
...you get the idea.


Jennifer said...

#2) come back and visit your old pals in NY!!! :)

Wine Chick said...

Now that's a good one! I only have until May 7... :-) We'll have to work on this one...

Megan said...

Selfishly, I would join you in some of these:

Take a road trip with friends
Volunteer for a day
Make a meal for your family
Visit Disneyland
Play a practical joke on a friend(s)
Visit RITA’s
Visit Tahoe
Enjoy a picnic somewhere – outside, blanket, basket and all
Sample all 31 flavors from Baskin-Robbins
I'll think of more...

Wine Chick said...

YAY - thank you Meggie!! The Baskin Robbins one is PERFECTO! Did you really put in "Make a Meal" - you have faith in me :) I see you didn't say "make a meal for friends" heheheheh

AV said...

hey! i like this!

i assume sky-diving has already made the list, or you've done it already?

how about... run a marathon, or ride a century, or escape from alcatraz... or some type of physical challenge (double dare!), where one day you'll be able to look back (when you're 80 and unable to walk to your mailbox without huffing and puffing) and say 'wow, i traveled great distances on these 2 feet of mine.'

i love 31. i call it the baskin robbins age. and then we have the beloved divisible by 11 -- 33 coming up! can't wait..

Wine Chick said...

I'm definitely putting marathon training on my list - I am planning on running the Team in Training Maui Marathon next Sept. I know I need a year to train because I am very mucho grande out of shape! I like the coined term - Baskin Robbins age :-) I will use that from now on! Thanks for the suggestions!