Monday, November 24, 2008

31 Flavors

In 5 months and 13 days, I turn 31. Thanks to some creative suggestions, I've updated my list... Here goes the beginning, in no particular order. Send more!

1. Learn to make Belgian waffles like my dad's
2. Visit Gabe & Jen in NY (this will probably happen after May 7, I'm thinking more like June...)
3. Visit Morgan & Bobby in Martha's Vineyard (I'm looking into make #s 2 & 3 one big trip!)
4. Run the Maui marathon with Team in Training in Sept 08 (again, after May 7, but I'll need to start training soon so I don't die)
5. Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins
6. Take a picnic to the beach
7. Tahoe trip
8. EDIT: Put $10 on 31 and hope for the best (I had a good suggestion: put it on 31!)
9. Rita's for some rockin' karaoke
10. Play a practical joke on a friend
11. Drive east and shoot the whole way
12. Visit Half Moon Bay
13. Host a dinner party
14. Volunteer for a day

...That's as far as I've!


ngoc said...

go on a date with someone over 40 and someone under 30!

Wine Chick said... You really suggested this didn't you. Doesn't the past year and a half count? :) hheheh Ok. I'll put it in there. Not sure how I'll meet them....

Jennifer said...

ok, one more from my own perpetual 'to do' list: memorize at least 3 really good, all-purpose jokes... i love hearing jokes, but i can never remember them or i botch them horribly!!

morgan said...

Yeah! We made your list. Now you HAVE TO COME.! :)