Sunday, March 9, 2008

What the....

It's just gorgeous out! 75 degrees, cherry trees and mustard in full bloom, saturated colors that give me the worst spring fever - I went upvalley today to do some shooting.

Some days are boring - pretty routine, nothing special to note. Some days are just weird - random things that are out of place, running into people that you haven't seen in 10 years, silly moments that are worth writing about. I had the latter today.

1. I was leaving my house, turning onto Soscol when I see a Miata driving southbound. The driver was a white dude, probably mid-forties. Doesn't seem too weird, right? WRONG. He was wearing this:

I'm dead serious.

2. I'm driving down Soscol and a guy on a bike is next to me. Unfortunately I'm going really slowly which means he pretty much keeps up with me. I say "unfortunately" because this is what I saw......a guy, 45 or so, hair down to the middle of his back, psycho-mustache, horn-rimmed glasses, trucker hat placed ever so slightly on the head, slightly dirty, riding a bike like this:

(the unfortunate part....)

(NOTE: This photo was stolen from some website. This is not the actual photo of the dude I saw today on Soscol. I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of him.)


3. The scene: Silverado Trail, the winding part before Calistoga. I'm going around a curve and there's a woman on a beach cruiser bicycle (lime green), in full on Kentucky Derby wear, or possibly going-out-for-a-sail-wear. I'm talkin' hat, dress, heels flying down Silverado Trail. Awesome.

Cheers to daily randomness!

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