Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello 1995!

About 3 months ago, my youngest brother asked us all if we wanted to see Presidents of the United States of America, March 18, 2008, 8pm, Great American Music Hall, $18. Sure! Sounds rad.

Meggie and I headed to SF last night to witness the weirdest opening act I've ever seen in my whole entire life. Ever. I'm not sure quite what to say about Pleaseeasaur...costumes, random lyrics ("No Prob Limo"), performance art (?), crazy energy (aerobics-style), and did I mention costumes? It was like Halloween night karaoke on crack. I laughed quite a few times - not sure if it was because it was so strange or if it was because it was actually funny (in parts). Maybe it's over my head because he is signed with Comedy Central Records, but I doubt that since I have a pretty random sense of humor. I did dig the mullet.

The next act was Ludo - a band from St. Louis. Am I too old for this? They weren't that great. Their keyboard/sound effect guy was a wacko - I personally think the only person who should be singing the lyrics is the one with the mic. Don't just sing along on stage, it's distracting. Either grab a mic or focus on your one job - turning dials. He did have enough enthusiasm to get people into it though, so props to keyboard/sound effect guy.

Finally, PUSA arrived on stage. Granted, they're a lot older than I thought, but then again so am I. Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it! Millions of peaches, peaches for me! Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh! Little blue dune buggy! There were songs that I'd never heard because I haven't listened to them much over the years, but those songs are so awesome. Sitting there, in the top of the Great American Music Hall, with all of its beautiful, ornate carvings, I was transported back to an easier time when the most important thing was what time to meet in the McDonald's parking lot or what movie to watch. The band was great - they're much more talented than I ever realized and I'm so happy I finally got to see them.

Cheers to PUSA and my youngest brother for organizing this outing!

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