Monday, March 31, 2008

Update to My Worst. Date. Ever.

First of all, the fact that I changed his name to Gaylord (see blog posting about my worst date ever) caused quite a reaction - the best being:


How very applicable. :)

In my Vegas travels this past weekend, I came across this restaurant, of which I am familiar, but bore a special meaning to me now:

I have yet one more update to my story. This past weekend, as I mentioned, I was in Vegas for my friend's bachelorette party. To say it was crazy is the understatement of the year, but that's not for public consumption. Well, at least not all of it. Anyway, we were getting ready to head out to the Olive Garden for some crazy breadsticks and laughter, my phone rings. Note that I had told my date story to the girls on the first leg of the drive to Vegas, and then to the other two girls on the second leg of the drive. It's Gaylord...calling me...on a Saturday night. This is a bit how the voicemail went:

"Hey Megan, it's Gaylord*. So ummm I know we only went out that one night, but ummm well I was pretty nervous. I was trying to impress you and I think that I might have talked too much about how many people I know ummmm my bad. Well umm I really liked you and would like to be your friend. So I was sort of dating between the time I met you and our date and it got more involved and I was nervous about that too...sooo uh well I think you're cool and I'd like to hang out as friends, so um give me a call."

Alrighty, let's assess.
1) He called again. HELLOOOOO! I did not call you, I did not return your text, so please take that as a no.

2) He recognized that he name dropped and bragged about driving around rich people. Good job there, Gaylord. Next time, maybe he'll recognize that offering me weed, asking me to run his errands for him, and not paying the whole bill are also causes for a bad, bad date.

3) He still wants to be friends. Having nothing in common makes for a difficult friendship, though I did start using hardcore drugs in Vegas this weekend, so maybe we could hang out and smoke a bowl. You know how Vegas is, it makes me cRaZy!

4) He started to get "more involved" with someone in the SIX DAYS between the time we met and our "date." Six days?!?! Hmmm. So did he technically cheat on that girl then by taking me out on a "date"?? Wow. I feel so lied to.

5) I have nothing else. I'm pretty stunned.

Cheers to dating stories! May they live long and prosper.

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morgan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! that is sooo funny! i miss you meggie!!! i need to call you...we have been so crazy busy, but everythign is going great! i will call you soon--promise! hey, did you delete your myspace???

xo morgan

p.s. hope your presentation at the meetings went well!!