Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I got home from work. I put on a pot of water from the kitchen faucet and fired up the stove. I boiled that water and put in pasta. I settled in a little. I threw in a load of laundry, aka I put dirty clothes into the washing machine that washes them with water. I ate my pasta. I packed some for the snow weekend. I used the ladies' room. The toilet flushed oddly. I went to wash my hands. There was a dribble of water. I ran into the kitchen. A dribble then nothing. Nothing. No water. No water! I went outside to the pump house - the needle read 1. I don't exactly know what that means technically, but I can only deduce that it means I have no water. I flipped all the circuit breakers. No water. I tried every faucet 'cause, ya know, one might have a bit of water left. No water. Now that I know I can't go to the bathroom, I really have to go.

Why is it called a WELL? I'm not WELL - I HAVE NO WATER.

There will be no Cheers today.


ngoc said...

pee outside! you have a huge yard!

err, i hope you get water back soon.

bswim said...

I like that you flipped the circut breakers to check you water. That's very thorough.