Thursday, January 17, 2008

Water is Back, Life is Good.

On Wednesday morning, after a Friday of showering at the gym, a Monday of showering at work, and a Tuesday of showering at the gym, along with trips to Target to use the little girls' room, my water was restored. Losing water is just like flipping on light switches, the TV, the radio, the microwave, and the computer when the power is out. I turned on the faucet. I almost went to the bathroom many times. I had to be creative when brushing my teeth. It was fun for an evening, felt like camping inside. Yeah, the novelty wears off pretty quickly when you need to pee.

On another note, this past weekend I took my family (aka the clan) to Bear Valley for a ski weekend! My mom hates the snow, so I was sure to get a house with a nice heater and a fireplace that she could enjoy while we hit the slopes. By "hit the slopes" I mean yellow-slow-zone-designated-bunny-slopes for me. On Friday afternoon, I brushed the two-years of dust off my board and put it in my new Yakima ski rack on the burly yet sleek Murano, Enrique. I do have to say that Enrique was pretty stoked to hit some snow, being AWD and all. We headed up in separate cars and met at the house. 1972 here we come....the decor was a tad outdated but the house was comfortable overall. We played some crazy rounds of Cranium and Taboo, hung out and talked, and played in the snow. It was a great weekend with the clan. I'll post a video tomorrow of my dad stuck in snow - it's rad.

Cheers to water and boarding! (Uncheers to the lift)

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