Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's Day Adventure

After a hard night out on New Year's Eve, Meggie and I slept until 2pm on New Year's Day (hey, we're allowed), then finally got up, moved all the blankets to the couch, and posted it there all day. Around 7:30pm or so, only about 5.5 hours after getting out of bed, Meggie needed to go home and get prepped mentally to go back to work on Wednesday. I'd been off of work for a good solid eleven days, and my mental prep was pretty intense: I said bye to Meggie, locked the door, got back into my cocoon of blankets on the couch, and ate bread while watching yet another Law & Order. Around 8:30, "So Whatcha Want" was blaring out of my phone, signaling that one of my good friends was calling. Why, it was Meggie!

Me: "Hiya! Are you home?"
Meggie: {laughing hysterically}
Me: "What? I can't understand you? What's so funny!?"
Meggie: {laughing hysterically}
Me: "Wait, what?"
Meggie: "We forgot to get your car!!!!"

My heart dropped. My shoulders sank. I thought - you have got to be kidding me. Then I started laughing hysterically along with her. My first words to Meggie when we woke up were - "We have to remember to get my car." Being the planner that I am, I instantly debated what to do...I could call a cab. I could call friends. I could wait until tomorrow and just stay warm on the couch. I texted a couple of friends to no avail, then put on my new ski socks, a sweater, a beanie, and my snow jacket and just started walking. Yep, like Forrest Gump.

Here are some photos from my 4.3 mile trek from my house to Skankhouse...with commentary of course...

My new ski cute and argyle-y. It was cold out there...

This was at the walkway of an older building...not sure what the business was, I didn't see a sign. Thought this was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while though! I'll have to go back with my better camera.

Looking down Soscol. A loooooong ways to go.
I will eat breakfast here sometime.

Always wanted to shoot this building too. Another on my list to shoot with the the fancier camera.

Hm....Seventh Street. Never even noticed there was a Seventh Street.

Lookie here - Sixth Street. Only walked a block, but my ears are frozen despite the beanie and my fingers are numb.

Another awesome sign....fancier camera is missing out.

The Depot. I wish it was still a place to shake it. Now it's a Lobster Shack. Not quite as fun.

Closer, if only by a few blocks.

Ah, the First Street bridge. Hang a left, over the bridge, and right on Main

I love Christmas lights.

Someone's foot is really cold. Another New Year's Eve debacle.

"I'm almost there! Legs - keep movin! Oh no...what if they towed my car?"

TAAAA DAAAAAAHHHHH! A single light shining from above, angels singing, Enrique welcoming me.

Cheers to new adventures and getting some exercise!

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