Thursday, January 31, 2008

The 'Dome

I know I haven't blooged* in like 10 years, so I guess I'll blog about something that happened weeks ago. I mean, why blog about the present when you can blog about the past?

(This post was inspired by Funk Master P and his trip to the Tower in Sacto. Shout out.)
How awesome are people? A few weeks ago, at the Cinedome in Napa (yes, it's truly a dome), Saturday nights = 13-year-old-annoying-brats-and-their-teeny-boyfriends-nights. They were typical obnoxious teens with no where else to go. (I truly believe this - it's Napa. A lot like Marin where I grew up. Nothing to do. Nothing.) The 'dome is circa 1968, and since Napa spends no money on anything that locals might enjoy, only catering to tourists, it's exactly the same as it used to be, only the prices have increased tenfold. We decided to go see PS I Love You on a whim, so we got there a bit late. Late on a Saturday night at the 'dome = FIRST ROW. It sucked. The first row, as you know, is the absolute worst possible place to be in a theater. I mean why did they even make those, it's not like you can actually SEE the movie, you get seasick during any parts that are landscape-y or aerial, and your neck hurts constantly. What is the POINT? My rant means that there are no stadium seats and the movies cost a lot. Ok thank you, I'll move on. The theater was filled with Britney Spears-loving teenagers, sprinkled around the room in random empty seats. They talked on their cell phones. They got up and down up and down up and down. They talked. They shook armrests and kicked seatbacks. There was a bit of yelling at these children, though none of us took the initiative to have them kicked out. Only at the very end did my friend get her true jab in.......we're about to leave and were surrounded by teeny boppers, when my friend (whose name shall not be released for privacy purposes) says:

"When you grow up you're going to realize how STUPID you look."

At that point, we needed to LEAVE, so we walked out and went to Napa Bowl for a drink and some pool. We needed to be with people our own age, or at least 35 years our senior.

Cheers to the 'dome!

*I always typo "blogged" as "blooged" so I thought I'd leave it. It's a funny word.


Peter Anderson said...

Funny you should mention teeny-boppers. I drove through a flock of about five on the way home tonight. There was gum and shitty makeup all over my fender. Thanks for the shout out... keep the blooging alive!

ngoc said...

i hate teeny-boppers too, but leave britney alone!