Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Thought or Two on Life

Work has been crazy busy for me lately, partially because I was out of the office a lot over the past few weeks and partially because, well, clients want things. A specific account has taken over my week, but I'm happy that it's the client that it is. They do really fun projects and I love that copy that I write may actually be on a wine bottle or a sign! I think this little fact will always thrill me.

I have been online dating for almost six months now, using it as just one more place to meet people in this world, but it just isn't going as planned. Not that anything really goes as planned - my thought on life numero uno. At 16, I remember telling my posse, in the quad at lunch, that I was going to be married at 26 and have my first kid at 28. I didn't want to be "old" like my mom was when she had me - 30. For some reason, 16-year-olds think that the difference between 28 and 30 is ginormous. Now that I'm 29, right smack dab in the middle, it's not different at all. Anyway, my plan obviously didn't happen or this blog would be not about how I work in the wine industry and moved to Wine Country in a cool house, but it would be "New Mommy's Online Baby Album for All to Read and Love!" Yeah, not me. Not yet, anyway. Back to the online dating world, I think it's time that I unsubscribe, focus on my life in the Wine Country, and see what comes my way.

I don't really have a second thought on life at the moment - I just woke up and not all the pistons are firing.

Cheers to Saturdays!

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Erin Scott said...

Online dating will never be as good as real dating simply due to the lack of pallino's.