Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'll Stay in NorCal, Thanks.

Cornbread and I went to lovely LA this past weekend for a much needed and much deserved mini-vacation. Flying from Sacto to Mr. Bob Hope's aeropuerto is just about the smoothest flying experience I've ever had. There are no lines, everyone's nice, it's trashy and small and there's something to said for trashy and small. It's cool.

Harad Hishimi picked us up on Thursday night and we headed back to his house. On the way through Santa Monica, we drove down Main Street (which is so cute, by the way, lined with white bistro lights), and there were people on the streets, my window is down, I'm lovin' the warm weather and different scene. I look over onto the street (remember my window is down) and I see Vince Vaughn. Yeah, that's right Mr. Money Baby Money Vaughn. For those who are not aware, my heart is divided into approximately 5 sections - one for Office Space, one for Little Miss Sunshine, one for Napoleon Dynamite and 40-Year-Old Virgin (they share a space), one for all the other movies I like, and one for Swingers. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen that movie. So in my excitement, I yell to Cornbread who is in the backseat - "IS THAT VINCE VAUGHN???" Like I don't know that it is. I'm sure he heard me, though we sped through Santa Monica quickly enough that I was spared any embarrassment. I texted Wenis about this and she wrote back - "Your fates are intertwined." Yes, yes they are. He was my blackjack partner in Vegas once, but that's a completely different story and this is not the time nor the place.

Harad lives with JStag and Alice (yes, it's her real name, but it was my Oma's name, so I'm using it) in Venice Beach. Their pad is pimpin' and the roof deck is just sweet (except that it caused me to have 20 moquito bites on my legs. Gross.) We pretty much did this: walked, watched the weirdos, walked, went to the beach, walked, ate, walked, ate, went out, walked, and ate. It rocked.

Tonight at the gym, I went to my first ever Kung Fu class. I am Jackie Chan. HiiiiiYAH.

Cheers to new martial arts classes and mini-vacations!

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