Friday, June 18, 2010


So, I'm beginning to realize that the only reason you'd need overdraft protection from your bank is so that you're not embarrassed when your card is denied. I don't really care about that. I mean, it's not like the movies where the waiter in a fancy restaurant comes over and cuts up your card in front of you and your new boyfriend. Really.

If I use my debit card and I don't have enough money, deny me and I'll give you a credit card. Half the time the magnetic strip on my card doesn't work anyway. I have gotten so many notices about this from Chase bank I can't even tell you. What a waste of paper. The only reason that want me to have it is so they can make $34 off of me when I obviously don't have it.

Banks suck.


Michelle said...

UGH! Chase. I opted in to the overdraft thing because I thought "oh my gosh, there must be some critical reason that I need to do this, otherwise they wouldn't keep sending me so many emails and letters. What don't I know???" Nothing. They got me.

Wine Chick said...

I know!! The whole time with WaMu I could have opted out of that! So lame! Um, if I don't have $34, why are you charging me that. Hellooooo! Now I just toss - I mean, recycle - all the stuff that Chase sends about it. I'm NOT giving in this time! I won't be foiled again.