Friday, June 18, 2010

More on Google Analytics

I know I am beating this subject to death but it's so fascinating!! All of a sudden, after 3.5+ years of having the same keywords come up in my analytics, new ones have arrived! I am proud to say that when people search for things Gordita-related, I come up. Yes, that makes me proud.

There's a camping one in there (I love to camp!), there's a lot about Briefcase Brady, a Napa rap artist, one about Comcast (they suck), and different combinations of my blog name. The bragging one is still in there, but it's now number 3.

On an semi-related note, I'm going camping this weekend and I am SO. EXCITED. Gearing up for camping season, literally and figuratively? Check out these awesome checklists from REI - helped me immensely! Now I'm the camping nerd who has everything in two bins. Wanna go camping? Let me grab my bins let's GO!

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