Monday, October 19, 2009

Hurricane Rick Sucks.

I just wanted to write an open letter to Hurricane Rick.

Dear Hurricane Rick,

About a month and a half ago, your friend, Hurricane Jimena, caused a little panic in me. She swirled around Cabo, making me nervous that my hotel wouldn't be there by the time I got there in October. Supposedly, October is well past the end of hurricane season, so I was trying not to worry.

Today, Mr. H. Rick, I saw that you have decided to visit Cabo as well. I understand that we all need a vacation now and then, but did you have to choose the place I'm visiting on Wednesday? Did you? I don't think that's very nice and I'd appreciate it if you and all of your Hurricane friends would just let me take the vacation I so desperately need and either hang out in the ocean for a while or hit Cabo in November.

According to my friends at, you're weakening. Now I know this may be very emasculating for you, but I for one am happy to hear it. I'll get you a nice fruit basket when I return home next week if you'll please just stay away.

Thank you, and if we happen to meet the Category 1 side of you on Wednesday, I'll be polite but don't expect a welcome hug.


Wine Chick


Peter Anderson said...

haha, rick does suck. have fun!

Wine Chick said...

I guess Mr. Hurricane Rick dumped a day of rain on Cabo the day before we got there. Crazy Americans...freaking out over a little storm. said...

Too funny!