Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Couple of Weeks!

Just got back from Vegas yesterday morning for the National Restaurant Association's Marketing Executives Group conference. It was an amazing conference with incredible speakers...CEOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Marketing Managers (and me) of companies we've all heard of...Arby's, Denny's, Facebook, PF Changs, Cici's, Pizza Luce, etc. etc. etc. It was one of the best conferences I've ever attended - the content was relevant and rich, the people were friendly and fun, but the best speaker was Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. His talk to us was inspiring and heartwarming, and stirred something in me that I want to pursue. I know I was meant to do more for others, and after listening to this guy who is close to my age and his incredible story, I can't wait to get creative and figure out a way to use my passions, skills, and knowledge in this way.

After I landed, I flew home (and by flew I mean 80 on 80) and got ready for a day of wine tasting with my East Bay buddies and some North Bay ones too. It was a perfectly beautiful day in the Valley and I'm so happy I spent it with such great friends.

Only two more days and I'm on a plane with SW to sun, sand, and surf! Hello, Cabo, get ready! We're comin' down to party like it's 1999. I'm so ready for a vacation - my last was Costa Rica in 2006! Three years? Yeah, that doesn't really work for me. I need some time away from life, away from responsibilities, and what better place to go than somewhere where my cell phone doesn't work and the beach calls my name? Me + SW + Coronas in a bucket + sand = heaven.

Halloweenie is nestled into the weekend I get back from Me-hee-co and I still need ideas on what to be! I can't think of anything good...Should have done a little Goodwill shopping to get the creative juices flowing. If anyone has an idea, send it my way!

Chicago is next on the October 2009 itinerary...I'm lucky enough to be able to couple my business trip for a market survey with a visit with my family that weekend. Lately my trips to the midwest have been out of necessity, for funerals, but this time it'll be just because. Those are much better. AND my mom is coming out with me so she can see her siblings and family. It'll be great - I'm really excited!

It's 8:56pm, and I'm ready for a little Desperate Housewives (don't judge) then bed. The packing? Monday night is going to be nutty.

Nighty night.

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