Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Soccer Mom? I Think Not.

Ok, maybe a little. Unfortunately, I have turned into what some may call a soccer mom. I know it's a little premature, considering that I'm neither a mom, nor do I have anything to do with soccer these days. I do, however, drive the right car for a cool and sporty mom of 2007:

...and on Sunday, I bought one of these:

What's so funny about both of these is that 1) my first crock pot meal sucked and 2) I'm not all that into my car.

Details on 1:
My dinner really, really did suck. Now when I say I can't cook, I mean I can't cook....not even in something as simple as a crock pot. The chicken was dry, the rice was mush as were the beans. How can you screw up a crock pot meal? I'm not really sure, but given the lack of my cooking skills, I did it. I am such a bad cook that even my crock pot won't work with me. I will not surrender to the power of the crock just yet, but I vow to understand it's power and use it to my advantage.

Details on 2:
I thought I was being so practical when I bought my Murano (see post about my new fridge), and I was. The thing rocks in a lot of ways. On the other hand, it is anything but sexy. At my age, the ripe old age of 29, I need sexy. I need a head-turner. I need a wind-through-the-hair, five-speed, turbo-charged wonder car that makes my heart race and head spin, like one of these:
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I also need a bit more spice in my life...and by spice I don't mean basil and oregano (reminder: I can't cook.) I need to be eating gourmet meals:

...with a lovely dinner companion, like:
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It's not quite New Year's, but I am making a resolution that I will spice up my life...I'll throw caution into the wind and get a sports car, be excited and thrilled to meet new people, go on more dates, eat gourmet food, put on some heels and strut the new me. I swear on my life that I will not be her:

Not yet, anyway.

Cheers to being thrilled!


Jersey J said...

Trust me, you turn plenty of heads in your Murano, or Yugo, of whatever it is your rolling in.

Sara said...

DUDE. You make me laugh so violently. You are one funny non-soccer mom. And shutty, Enrique is boss.