Sunday, November 11, 2007

Props to the Murano

As much as I want a new car, I do have to give mad props to the one I have. I bought a 2004 Nissan Murano last December in an effort to be practical. Working on the condo and then the house allowed me to justify the extra space in a crossover SUV. At the time, I had wanted to get a tiny sports car, manual, convertible, basically as impractical as possible, then also get a $3k used SUV for working on the house. I regret not making that decision because one year later, I am now looking to get that impractical little fun on wheels with a back up work horse.

That said, my car is pretty cool. It has a bumpin sound system, is pretty zippy, has tons and tons of leg room, fits backerboard perfectly in the back, and, I found out yesterday, can hold a refrigerator. Yep, a refrigerator. I went to Best Buy, saw an open item fridge, decided to get it (it was a steal), and then in the rain, we loaded into the back of my car. A Mini just can't brag about something like that.

Cheers to my Murano (for now)!

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