Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Starts

Tomorrow, my partner in crime, Cornbread, makes her debut into the WoW (that means World of Wine for those who haven't read my very first blog posting).

I just want to say that I am so proud of her - I know how much time, dedication, frustration, disappointment, excitement and craziness surrounds the job hunt. She powered through, with encouragement from all sides, and tomorrow is the start of her new life in Wine Country.

According to my first few posts, I was starry-eyed for soooo long, and I miss that feeling. I still love my job, though with days like today, I long for my eyes to go starry. Maybe I was so starry-eyed because I drank a lot of wine.........ok, no. I know it was because I had worked my bum off for a chance to work in wine, and I had finally accomplished that. I hope that Cornbread remembers her first month; the way it feels when you walk through the doors on that first day, not sure if you're going to get along with coworkers, or that you're wearing the wrong thing, but then realizing that everything worked out - your coworkers are awesome and your clothes didn't matter. I hope she remembers for a long time the way it sounds when you tell people you work for a winery - their reaction and your passion when you explain what you do. I know she'll remember it - I do, constantly.

Cheers to getting this far - you've earned it! An extra CHEERS for doing what we love, day in, day out, and sharing those experiences everyday.

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