Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a Week!

Highlights from the week:
~Had a meeting with some people from my favorite store
~Hung out with those folks and my team
~Stayed in a sweet hotel
~Sat in on a meeting with some folks from the a commission that is all about my favorite vegetable (fruit? vegetable?) that makes guacamole
~Moved my life from a condo to a house

Now for some details on the funniest happening of the week...
Tuesday we had a meeting with the buyers from a certain store that I love. If you know me, you know what this is! After the meeting, my boss and our sales guy who calls on this certain super store went to a dive bar to play some pool before we met up with those buyers and my boss' boss for dinner. Napa Valley Grille was not what I expected - very fancy pants given the name. The food was declicious and the conversation was hilarious and random. After dinner, we headed back to that dive bar for some more pool and bonding time. My boss and I played pool once the pool leaguers had headed out. It was the worst showing of pool I have ever had ever. I was crushed 5 times by my boss - unfortunately my review rides on my winning. I used to be a hustler - what happened to me? Time to buy a pool table.

While we were chatting, my boss' boss got me a room at the hotel nearby so I didn't have to drive all the way back to Sonoma. For the 6 hours or so that I spent there, it was amazing! If I had had time, I would have built myself a Duraflame fire, sat on the balcony, and taken a bath in the Jacuzzi tub. As it turned out, getting in at 1:30am, I went straight to sleep and woke up around 8am to shower and bolt outta there. I had to get to my favorite store to buy clothes and toiletries for work that day.

After checking out around 8:30am, I headed to said favorite store to get clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and makeup. Everyone knows how high class I am, and this just proves it. Since I had already checked out of that wonderful room, and I was at the super store in my gross, smoky clothes from the day before, I pulled a perfect Walk of Shame moment.

I purchased the clothes and toiletries and headed for the super store bathroom. I changed into my cute new outfit, brushed my teeth, combed my wet hair, and put on the brand new makeup I had gotten. That's right - all in the store bathroom. Only three people came in and out while I was getting ready for my day, and only one gave me a weird look. I hope the people watching the security cameras got a kick out of my transformation.

I think I looked better than day than any other day at this job so far. Go figure.

Cheers to the Walk of Shame and sweet hotel rooms!

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